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Paloma aka Lara Page does seem to have a baby-face, but she also has a curvy woman's body and she does the sort of things that few teens might ever do, and that is appearing in porn movies. She is a brunette with blue eyes and she is a petite 5'1 and 114 pounds with a 33-24-35 figure. Lara Page has a really nice set of natural tits, although they do strike me as larger than an A-cup. Better still, she has a firm ass which she gets hammered ever so often. She has appeared in movies under different names including Laura Shirley and Bara Page.

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Date added: 06-09-2011 Rating:
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Date added: 01-21-2011 Rating:
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Date added: 11-11-2010 Rating:
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Date added: 08-22-2009 Rating:
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Date added: 04-26-2009 Rating:
Like 200
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Date added: 03-28-2009 Rating:
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Date added: 02-28-2009 Rating:
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Date added: 01-21-2009 Rating:
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Date added: 12-10-2008 Rating:
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