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Stacy Silver (born as Dana M. in the Czech Republic) is a Czech pornographic actress and nude model. She began her career in the adult industry in 1999, by debuting in Odyssey Group’s video “Pick up Lines 44”. Since the beginning of her adult entertainment career she has performed in more than a hundred pornographic movies, mainly produced by Private Media Group. Much of her work include rough anal sex and double penetration. As a special tribute to her, in 2004 Private has released a compilation of Stacy’s best performances entitled “The Private Life of Stacy Silver”. From 2004 she is occasionally directing adult movies as well. Stacy has retired in late-2006 from doing boy-girl scenes. She has a tribal design tattoo on right biceps and her navel and tongue are pierced.

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Date added: 01-26-2009 Rating:
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Date added: 12-21-2008 Rating:
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Date added: 05-07-2006 Rating:
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Date added: 05-04-2006 Rating:
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Date added: 11-20-2004 Rating:
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